1. How to start the Remote Support Software Agent

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    Click the Start Agent button to launch the Remote Support Software Agent.

    Remote Support Software Agent Configuration

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    Support Server:
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  2. Security warnings you may receive

    An ActiveX control warning may appear at the top or bottom of the browser screen, click on it to install the control.

    If you receive additional installation security warnings, click "Yes" or "Install" as appropriate.

  3. Solving problems

    The Start Agent button never appears, the "Please Wait" message stays on the screen

    The remote support agent is unable to download from the Capita server.
    This is most likely due to restrictions on your Proxy server. Try the solution for error code 6 below. If this doesn't work, try downloading the support agent file manually by clicking here to see what error is returned.

    You receive error code 3 "Unable to connect to the Management Gateway", or a dialog asking for Proxy Server information

    Your inbound or outbound Secure Socket Layer transmissions are being blocked. This will occur if you run a local Proxy server, or if a firewall is configured to block SSL.
    Talk to your local network administrator or service provider to ensure that port 443 traffic is open both ways to the Capita server (shown when the appropriate Support Server is selected).
    Note: If you are using a local Proxy server, you may wish to consider configuring a Proxy Bypass for all the LANDesk servers listed, both by IP address and DNS name.

    You receive error code 6 or 8 "Unable to connect to the Management Gateway"

    The remote support agent is unable to reach the Capita server.
    Try placing the appropriate Broker server name in your web browsers Proxy Exlusion list.
    To do this in Internet Explorer for all Capita servers, select the "Tools, Internet Options" menu option, "Connections" tab, "LAN Settings..." button, "Advanced..." button and type www.capitabroker*; into the beginning of the "Exceptions" field. Click "OK" until all dialogs have closed.
    Note: If your internet access specifically requires a Proxy to be configured, you cannot use a Proxy Exclusion.

    You receive a runtime error when clicking the Start Agent button

    The remote support agent has not installed correctly on your computer.
    Close and then re-open your web browser. Revisit this page, select the appropriate Support Server and click on any ActiveX installation and Security Warning dialogs if they appear. Fill out the Remote Support Agent Configuration fields, then click Start Agent.

    Nothing happens when you click the Start Agent button

    If you have a RM CC3 or CSE system, or have a network with tight security, security permissions may stop you from starting the remote support agent.
    Log off and on again as a user with local Administrator rights. You may need to talk to your local network administrator to do this.

    You receive the error "Your Internet browser is unable to download/install the LANDesk Client"

    Either Anti-Virus restrictions or computer Permissions are preventing the download or installation of the LANDesk agent.
    Talk to your local network administrator to allow creation and execution of files in the %TEMP%\LDRCClient folder. More specifically, ISSUSER.EXE must be allowed to execute. The generic Anti-Virus exclusions required for this are...
    Windows XP,2003: C:\Documents and Settings\*\Local Settings\Temp\LDRCClient\*.*
    Windows Vista,7,2008: C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Temp\LDRCClient\*.*

    If all else fails

    If none of the above solutions work, you may be unable to reach the Capita LANDesk servers, or have a damaged or partial installation of the remote support agent from a previous attempt.

    Try browsing to the LANDesk server in question using one of these links...


    If your receive a web page then either port 443 traffic is being blocked, or the LANDesk agent is being prevented from executing. You may require a combination of the solutions listed above.

    If you receive a Timeout error then either your Proxy configuration is incorrect (an exclusion when they should not be one, or visa-versa), or you are actively being blocked from reaching the Capita servers. You may require the configuration of a Proxy Bypass as per error 3 above.

    If your computer has used LANDesk before, but will not work now, close your web browser and delete the "C:\Program Files\LANDesk" and "%TEMP%\LDRCClient" folders, then try again.