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Downloads & Support

Welcome to the Capita Education Support Services page

Using the site

Download upgrades and patches from this page only when advised by your local Capita support team.

Feel free to read any documentation, and make use of any utilities available.

Downloads are often applicable to certain audiences only. Below the article title is a list of the school types that require or can make use of the download.

Escalation Points For The Service Desk

Should you wish to escalate any issue relating to the service you have received from the Service Desk please contact Lee Osmotherly or Ross Gylby the 1st Tier Service Desk Team Leaders in the first instance either on 0844 893 8000 or the email links above.

If you feel you would like to escalate your issue further please contact either the 1st Tier Service Desk Manager Scott Godridge or the 2nd Tier Escalations Manager Jean Mann.

We value your feedback and would encourage you let us know if the service you have received is meeting your expectations or if you have suggestions of ways we can look to improve. Please email simsfeedback@capita.co.uk or contact Simon Brunger Head of Enhanced User Support .

Contact us

Education Service Desk (HelpDesk)
Tel: 0844 893 8000
Email: Please use the email template

Finance Desk (HelpDesk)
Tel: 0845 607 6275
Email: Please use the email template

Tel: 0844 893 9000
Fax: 0845 603 8704

Sales & Advice
Tel: 0844 893 6000
Fax: 0845 603 8705
Email: info@capita-sims.co.uk

Guide to Logging an a New Incident
Logging Guide